He Says If You Support "Black Lives Matter" Move On Your Knees And Ask For Forgiveness, She Did It!


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By: nikolaliende   Channel : Protest  

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Info : Published on Jun 03, 2020

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rdavis67 5 months ago

did she do something? forgiveness for what? stupid Azz people dont need to kneel to anyone but the lord. could you imagine a white person asking a black person to get on your knees? you would have to move out of the country

roscoe35 5 months ago

I will make sure from now on every black person I see kisses my Azz for my forefathers fighting in the civil war for his freedoms. And if they don't do it I will destroy them. BANG BANG MOTHER FUCKERS

bronxnyc 5 months ago

@ Roscoe35, what really happened to you as a child, I don't what to believe that someone can have that much hatred in them for a entire Race of human. I can understand not liking a few people in a particular group, but the type of hatred that you express on this platform is beyond human understanding.

sincere87 5 months ago

I would of made her suck my Dxck ijs .. 🤔

greenrod 5 months ago

Rubbish, i still hate pinky red devils and i won't stop until they are all dead