Leaked Audio Allegedly Of Joe Biden Using $1 Billion Of Us Taxpayers’ Money To Bury Charges


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Info : Published on May 20, 2020

Joe tells President Poroshenko they can now go on with the $1 billion loan since they fired the prosecutor Shokin that was investigating Hunter Biden's company

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shahdcon 5 months ago

Got the russians up in flyheight... aint that some ish.... Most Americans aren't intelligent and will vote for this poor excuse for a business man/ impeached president again and he will continue with his illiterate speeches and the dummies will keep making excuses for him... sad, very sad

mko2008 5 months ago

Where is the "news" in this?

jhoffa22 5 months ago

Even if this was true who cares..All the Sh*t Trump said and did so far this is like killing a fly *gtfoh...

roscoe35 5 months ago

All you black folk going to vote for Biden? Vote Trump and make Clarence Thomas proud alright?