Reporter Standing Too Close To A Horse Race Gets Knocked Down Report

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3990 Videos . Published on Sep 29, 2019

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bennyblanconyc 2 months ago

That must of hurt

bigjay 2 months ago

old clip. Like mad old

money123 2 months ago

touch down gg

liljg28200 2 months ago

Always watch your back, they do say..

lilgeorge 2 months ago

Get out of the way

brodriguez 2 months ago


tyzaeevans7 1 month ago

Kangaroo Jack HeadAss

bubbycush 1 month ago

Could have been worst

mollyxmack 1 month ago

Well he lucky his head ain’t crush like this guys on

maddworld1 2 months ago

He hurt

mar94 2 months ago