Man Shot Two Police Officers During Quarantine In Colombia


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Info : Published on Apr 04, 2020

This is the moment a heroic cop in Colombia shot a 32-year-old criminal who fired at the officer and his partner while they tried to question him from violating a nationwide lockdown order.

Surveillance video showed both Colombian National Police agents cornering bicyclist Jonathan Rodríguez aboard their motorcycles on a desolate street in the Bogotá town of Tunjuelito on Thursday night.

One of the cops pulled in front of Rodríguez while another trailed behind the shooter.

The 32-year-old man then stepped off his bike and unloaded his gun, striking the shoulder of cop who was in front of him. Rodríguez turned towards the second cop, who stood on a sidewalk, and miraculously missed each of the shots he fired.

Rodríguez immediately took off running but the hero cop responded with fire, shooting him in the abdomen and buttocks.

Paramedics later arrived on the scene and took him to Olaya Polyclinic, where he died two hours later after doctors tried to save his life during an operation, according to Colombian media outlet Pulzo.

Rodríguez had previously been arrested for aggravated robbery, sexual abuse and escaping

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