Cincinnati Cop Shoots A Guy That Pulled A Gun Out Report

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4767 Videos . Published on Oct 06, 2019

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bootlegyourmom 2 months ago

trarozay got it!

bootlegyourmom 2 months ago

trarozay what I heard was her walker hitting the wall you nasty fuck.

trarozay 2 months ago

Got what? Good dick? U heard that headboard slamming last night when I left out your moms room I heard you had the tv full on full blast volume loud as hell

meechiexmob 2 months ago

Why pull a guy and not shoot it

slickrick00 2 months ago

note to self, when the cop asks to see your hand , he didnt say pull your gun out. dumb people are scary

realhated 2 months ago


lilgeorge 2 months ago


lexx12 2 months ago

Shyt fucked up

money123 2 months ago

That was quick lol

amasai 2 months ago

Why did he pull the gun?

bigsen 2 months ago