Please Dont Do That Featuring Videos From Flyheight (Part 1)


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By: fuxwitit247   Channel : Commentary  

Tags : Pddt, Funny,

Info : Published on Aug 19, 2019

This was made by @babypeyote using videos from flyheight....who got theres from other websites

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vonnc 1 year ago

His voice is annoying.

fuxwitit247 1 year ago

I'm still going through puberty....

shamodon10 1 year ago

great, so let me gather a few wanna be free pits and let em hang around ur house .... fuk niggah tryna compare dogs to slavery.

fuxwitit247 1 year ago

They both have been forced to live in a place by law.....some people beat their dogs just like slaves....its very similar

7thwardairlines 1 year ago

less talk, more videos!!!

fuxwitit247 1 year ago

Try episode 4.....i wanted to do a show similar to Ridiculousness on MTV

fuxwitit247 1 year ago

That's a sexy nigga.....gods gift to humanity

benevoletracist 1 year ago

Make another video like this one ? Please don't do dat.

fuxwitit247 1 year ago

To late already got 4....

white-mans-catnip 1 year ago

Couldnt make it past a min 45.

fuxwitit247 1 year ago

You lasted longer than your sex game.....