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Indian Brothers Suffer from Rare Ageing Condition

Mar 08, 2017

Info :

Two lonely brothers in India hide under their mother’s scarf when they go outside fearing ridicule because of a rare ageing condition baffling the medical world.

Ramesh and Laxman Jadhav, aged eight and 13 respectively, suffer from a rare genetic disorder that has left their body ageing too fast.
While doctors have concluded is not Progeria they are yet to determine what it is. Their mother Savita Jadhav, 30, from Pune, central India, is desperately worried they will die young and is hoping for a medical breakthrough sooner rather than later. ‘We know they are ageing fast and could die any time,’ she said. ‘We have spent every penny we have on trying to help them but no one has come forward with any answers. We do not expect any miracles but we do want someone to make life comfortable for them.’