Fight Sparks A Shootout


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By: coldirtybastard   Channel : Crazy  

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Info : Published on Jun 04, 2020


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hambone212 5 months ago

Black people: white people are racist crackers! White people: nah we just dont wanna be involved in Sh*t like this

hambone212 5 months ago

You mean there was one white B*tch. And no all us white folks ain't racist. We don like black people that do this Sh*t but we also dont like cops, meth heads, cholo gangsta, wannabe gangstas, or dumb Azz white trash. It's not just black people it's the trash of every race.

yuko23 5 months ago

I sure saw a lot of white people in that video for you to only see blacks and not be racist lol boi y’all everywhere, why you on this site you just like to watch an throw shade when you see the chance nobody wanna be yo friend boiiii haha go do whatever it you do why u up here watching haha sicko mode

yuko23 5 months ago

Damn you hear them Shxts piercing metal I’m surprised nobody dropped

obarede 5 months ago


snappy77 5 months ago


greenrod 5 months ago

this is America

blazedupguy 5 months ago

I heard that a stray cat was killed during this incident