Wild: Inmates Takes Prison Officer Hostage, In Their Cell For A Day

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Published on Nov 12, 2019

The prisoners of a Brazilian prison located in the municipality of Piracoara, located in the state of Parana in the south of the country, took a guard hostage. The described events unfolded from November 4 to 5, however, the record appeared on the Web only now.

Prison staff inspected the cell. One of them released the prisoners into the corridor and entered the room. Suddenly, the convicts rushed back and carried out the hunt. The attacker, the last to run, slammed the cell door behind him.

The second guard, who insured his partner, opened fire, but his attempts to protect his colleague were unsuccessful.

As a result, the employee of the penitentiary institution was taken hostage. The prisoners kept him in their cell for a day. After lengthy negotiations he was released.

According to local media , in this way the men tried to get transferred to other prisons. Whether their requirement was ultimately satisfied is not specified.

It is known that the attackers who captured the guard last year already acted as organizers of prison riots.

The representative of the labor union of the penitentiary institution said that the workers were forced to violate the regulations requiring the inspection of the cell only on condition that the guards are quantitatively superior to prisoners. According to him, the reason for non-compliance with the rules lies in the lack of employees.