Damn: Girl Gets Hit By A Car While Twerking


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By: Rog   Channel : Crazy  

Tags : hitandrun,

Info : Published on Dec 21, 2019

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money123 10 months ago

Yo this is crazy that's fuc up

factfinder 10 months ago

This is beyond F****d up... I didn't even get to see any twerking in the video prior to the hit and run. Thumbs down for not being considerate and neglecting to find a longer version.

onlychemical 10 months ago

Dang, that car was going WAY too fast for driving in a neighborhood. Negligence.

normalthom 10 months ago

DAYUM!!! How is that B***h even still alive?

gil 10 months ago

Driving is wild on the islands.

teddylee 10 months ago

I definitely thought I witnessed a murder

atp2 10 months ago


jeff 10 months ago


jeff 10 months ago


peezy55 10 months ago

Dat B***h built ford tough damn

legacy 10 months ago

She may never twerk again.