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Man Interrupts Town Meeting to Accuse Mayor of Sleeping with His Wife

Feb 25, 2016

Info :

A New York village meeting devolved into chaos on Tuesday night after a Monsey man accused Mayor Demeza Delhomme of breaking up his marriage.

Reginald Alfred, 48, a maintenance worker, who offered no proof of his claim, made minutes into an already vocal public comment period that saw dozens of firefighters and taxi drivers crowd into Village Hall.

"Mr. Delhomme is trying to use his power to get into my house," he said.

Alfred, dressed in a gray suit and a heavy black overcoat, rambled for three more minutes. "He destroyed my house. He destroyed my family. I have two daughters."

A ripple of murmurs of astonishment went through the crowd as Delhomme bluntly denied the claim.

"I don't know this man," he said, raising his voice. "I've never met this man."

Trustee Vilair Fonvil stood up and shouted as others called for calm.

Fonvil pointed his finger at the mayor, used a crude term for sex and said, "And you say you don't know him?"