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Married Iowa Teacher Arrested after Allegedly Having Sex with Student

Jul 03, 2016

Info :

Ankeny High School English teacher, Amanda Dreier, 27, charged with felony sexual exploitation for allegedly having sex with student, introduces herself in a 2013 video.

A married Iowa high school teacher was arrested and charged with having a sexual relationship with an 18 year old student who recently graduated.

On June 7, 27-year-old Amanda Caye Dreier was caught with an 18 year old recent graduate, in a parked car in the parking lot of Prairie Ridge Sports Complex.

Police were responding to an unrelated call near a library, when they found Amanda and the former student.

While police did not catch the pair in any sexual activity during the parking lot romp, they began investigating the two because it ‘didn’t sit right with them’.

An investigation began and found the Amanda and the student had been involved in an ongoing sexual relationship. It’s not clear whether the relationship began before the student graduated, or after as a “graduation” present.

Dreier, a married Ankeny High School English teacher, has been charged with sexual exploitation by a school employee. State law prohibits relationships by employees with students through 30 days following graduation.