Group Of Arabs Jump 2 Black Girls Report

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178 Videos . Published on Sep 21, 2019
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Group of Arabs Jump 2 Black Girls


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suckyducky 9 months ago

And I better se another video of outrage after this idgaf what they did yall not in ta country and those are not ya women

normalthom 9 months ago

You don't have the whole thing on camera.
What were these "ladies" doing in the store that prompted the reaction from the store staff??

bootlegyourmom 9 months ago


shoc2006 9 months ago

oooooh she stealing! :43 that head slam though. damn.

bootlegyourmom 9 months ago

They got exactly what they deserved. MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS PLEASE!!!
Stupid nigger sheboons. ahahahaha
Niggers need to prepay before entering any stores. FACTS

sys 9 months ago

You are so stupid!!!!!!!!

nice 9 months ago

You know these fucking monkeys used to getting hit. They baby daddies hit these hoes all the time. Glad to see the Arabs guys fucking up these loud ass fucking nasty ass nigga bitches.

realhated 9 months ago

you know damn well those nasty hoes instigated the whole thing. beat them down since their parents didn't