Woman Gets Into Physical Altercation With Her Boyfriend After She Caught Him Smashing Another Girl In His House!


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By: theduck1893   Channel : Cheaters  

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Info : Published on Jan 18, 2020

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slimeylifeslimeytype 10 months ago

All them B*****s built like robolox ????????????

shrtdgg2002 10 months ago


kallediv 3 months ago

nah like I want more...this was a str8 soap opera; did she grab her jacket or that was the shirt...why ole girl didn't say "nah he's a grower not a shower" (cause obviously if its little it aint bout the Dxck she loved him)...ladies stop giving your heart completely to bums, once a bum always a bum, protect your emotions. only time dude got angry was when she threaten his PS.... dumb dude.....stop trusting the heartless with your heart n mind

josephaaneya 10 months ago


kushkandy 10 months ago

were his Dxck at ?