Wife Walks In On Cheating Husband, Forces Naked Mistress To Leave


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By: Rog   Channel : Cheaters  

Info : Published on Aug 10, 2016

The video, filmed by the wife, shows the mistress come out of a room covered in a blue blanket, crying as she walks out of the Bangkok house.mThe wife can be heard yelling at the mistress, pointing her finger at her before pulling off the blanket and backing her into the corner.

The mistress, with long hair, then sits in the corner for several moments, weeping as the pair yell at each other. The husband, wearing a white t-shirt, tries to protest, saying she was not with him but the wife grows increasingly angry.

According to local news, the young mistress can be heard saying her “parents never treated me like this” and “you don’t have to do this to me”. But the wife then calls her a disgusting w****, continually yelling at her.

The wife is never seen but can be heard speaking throughout the footage. The mistress is then backed out of the apartment, naked, while the husband hands her some pants, phone and her bag.mThe young woman then gets dressed and is forced to stand in the hallway and wait for an elevator to leave.

It is understood the incident took place about 3am on July 31 at the Huay Kwang Condominiums in Bangkok. It is understood the wife and her husband had broken up before he was with the young woman. Pattaya News has since reported that the mistress, identified as Miss A, has complained to police over her treatment and the release of the video.

She claims to have suffered a “serious loss of face” after the clip went viral. The wife has claimed she only sent the video to one friend and did not upload it.

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