Imagine Accompanying Your Wife To A Medical Checkup And This Beautiful Doctor Is To Attend To Her


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Info : Published on Nov 25, 2019

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whysosadman 1 year ago

I was expecting a woman for F*cks sake.

normalthom 1 year ago

HA HA, I was too!!

bigdawg 1 year ago

Why all those dudes cheering?? Seriously though, women I know won't go to a gyno that looks too good. They say it's too much. Prolly worried they'll be getting all juicy while he up there. smdh

bigdawg 1 year ago

Okay, I got the skinny on the vid. The dudes in the bar are cheering because the cursor hits the corner in the video. The one on the screen is from something else, possibly a porn video. Prolly that cuck shit.

luckyking16 1 year ago

What in the Gay whites is going on here

money123 1 year ago

What lol ok

bigsen 1 year ago

you can do it all nite long....

paspareil 1 year ago

Sound to me like the scene in Endgame when all the characters came to help captain in his fight against thanos. Listen to the music.. definitely replaced the video

payback 1 year ago

When Trump wins his second term.

snappy77 1 year ago