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Flyheight does not promote suicide, fights and self-harm videos – the website is established completely for entertainment and educational purposes.

In the past years, a lot of people are relying on the World Wide Web for entertainment needs, which includes video content. In order to meet this growing demand for entertainment online, there are different online video websites nowadays that provide videos that can be viewed online.

A lot of online video websites offer a wide range of videos that can be viewed for free. Free entertainment by just having an internet connection is among the basic reasons for the increasing popularity and demand of such websites. However, not every video website offer entertainment for free as there are some websites that require you to pay a membership fee before you can view any of their videos. Anyway, you should not worry since Flyheight offers the wildest and hottest videos online for free! Flyheight offers a wide range of video selections that you can watch. Usually, the videos you can watch at this website are homemade videos. Some videos are part of a prank or just wild people doing insane and crazy stunts and things.

There are a number of video websites that allow homemade videos that can be submitted. People who share their homemade videos online usually put lots of effort and time into the course of making a video, transferring the video into their personal computer, and upload it to the website in order for people all over the world to view it. Therefore, it’s imperative to utilize the comment or rating system of the website if there is one.

Often, these websites setup rating system to enable viewers to rate and comment on the videos. This provides you the chance to make an opinion and chat about it with other people. Viewers are free to comment both negatively or positively. If you like a video and find it informative, educational, or entertaining, you can comment positively. For viewers who find it not entertaining or offensive, it is better to support the video with a feedback. People who make homemade videos welcome the comments and feedback of people who viewed and watch their posted videos. Another reason why it is significant to leave a feedback on the video is because a variety of video websites rank their hosted videos. Some websites rank the videos of their members according to ratings received from viewers, while some base the ranking on the quantity of positive comments on the video.

All in all, there are a lot of websites these days that offer videos for entertainment purposes. One of the best websites that offer the hottest and wildest videos on the internet is Flyheight. In order to view entertaining videos on Flyheight, please visit our website at

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