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Published on Nov 13, 2019

Info :
Startling footage has captured a car ramming into police before speeding away during a pursuit in Matamata.

In the video, a silver Ford Falcon is seen driving along State Highway 29 with a police car following. The car suddenly begins reversing, before ramming into the police car and speeding away.

Johnny Atkins posted the video to his Facebook page earlier today with the caption: "Hahahah this just in".

The post quickly went viral with more than 121,000 views and 2000 reactions.

In the video, Atkins can be heard saying, "wow, there is a full-blown cop chase".

He continued saying, "oh, this c*** is going to ram the cop car."

"Wow, what is going on? This is f***ing out the gate!" he added as the car speeds off.

He commented on the post saying the car was "clocked going 200km/h". Police have not confirmed the speed the car was travelling.

The video was also posted to a popular trucking Facebook page and has amassed more than 10,000 views.

One commenter on the video suggested Atkins, "drive your digger over there".

"Love to see him ram that."
Another person suggested the car's driver should have their vehicle and licence taken off them.

"Harsher penalties are needed in NZ," they wrote. "Innocent bystanders could've been injured or worse."

Police confirmed that they are still on the hunt for the car, following the dangerous driving incident.

Emergency services were called to State Highway 29 in Matamata just before 4pm on Friday.

Police said they initiated a brief pursuit but stopped shortly after when their car was rammed by the offender.

No officers were injured, but the police car is damaged.