Instagram Model Shows Who’s Paying For All That Expensive Things Report

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3655 Videos . Published on Nov 06, 2019

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blacksfarsuperior 13 days ago

She thinks it's worth it....cave women have always done this though. The only tragedy is when black women are tis stupid because they actually have a soul that gets polluted and twisted

divineorator 13 days ago

Exactly. black people have souls, whites don't. So it is ok if they sleep with any and everyone, but not for us.

slickrick00 13 days ago

hahahah you LOW IQ niggers are hilarious. you niggers out marching for your fellow negroes who are in open air slave markets right now in Libya(africa for you dumb niggers) ? keep believing you feral monkeys are being held down by the "white" man. Go look at haiti, africa, detroit, chicongo, atl, oakland, memphis, LA, anywhere there are large pop. of blacks its a ghetto shit hole

blacksfarsuperior 12 days ago

Just a matter of the caves...we aren't from hell amd you are ,that's why you're so mad at us but hey, go back to hell if you don't like it ugly freak

money123 13 days ago

Get that bag

realtruth 13 days ago

Fuccing Gross

chrisgambino 13 days ago

Have some respect for yourself

teddylee 13 days ago

Bitch ur the one who is doing it and filming. Dumbass

bigsen 13 days ago


snappy77 13 days ago


josephaaneya 13 days ago

Damn sad

alligator 12 days ago

These are the type of thots people glorify. They’ll let any dusty HIV ridden honkey bust a nut in them for a plane ticket.