Girl Flips Car With Her Kids Inside While On Facebook Live After Finding Out She The Sidechick Report

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8592 Videos . Published on Jun 26, 2020
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lockjaw1988 9 days ago

These whores are unstable asf

tootboots 9 days ago

"They knew I loved this man" 🤦🏽‍♀️.... B*tch! How about loving your children and yourself? You literally tried to kill your babies because of the lifestyle YOU chose. Stop putting all your worth in your pussy, and thinking having kids will keep a man. I bet my life she's STILL letting dude play her after all this 💯. I can't stand B*****s like this, go to a therapist instead of social media.

db135i 10 days ago

Black women..u have to find a guy worth somthing and educated, marry this guy when your young and sexy..dont be a mom to him respect him let him make decisions based off of duel input...carry that for life and u won't end up like this

strickly 9 days ago

they don't need to find a guy, they need to find themselves and the God inside and the right man will find them. That's the problems they looking for something that you don't find by looking this video is so sad TBH

cowboyt37 9 days ago

N****s better quit fukin these dumb whores!