Dude Left His Cell Phone Recording On The Floor Of The Car To See If His Homeboy Would Talk Slick About Him To His Girl Report

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3053 Videos . Published on Oct 03, 2019

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snappy77 4 months ago

smart move

dickdangles 4 months ago

I wanna see the ass kicking video now ????????????????

countryboi 3 months ago

ikr, tune in tomorrow!

manmadddd 4 months ago

Dats how it be, now he can play dumb as fuck when he go fucking other bitches

lilgeorge 4 months ago

slick act

brodriguez 4 months ago

Dudes like that make me sick. So many fake asses nowadays. He bragging bout his license but ain't got a cat. Bragging bout his money but he's broke. If ur about that u don't need to brag. Bitch made

brodriguez 4 months ago

* car

fuxwitit247 4 months ago

That's why I dont trust nobody....not even my own momma....that bitch still owe me a dolla.

meechiexmob 4 months ago

It’s always the one closest to you

brandon1 4 months ago

He got to be retarded

mollyxmack 3 months ago


liljg28200 4 months ago

Boi that boi dumb

slickrick00 4 months ago

blac k guys driving around with females, too broke and dumb to get a j O b and a car haha have to rely on bitches for shit and the gov to give em handouts hahahaha

wakanda77 4 months ago

Don’t come back here until you learn to spell, punctuate, and structure a sentence.

danilo557 4 months ago

Thats why i dont even got friends

txhustla1 4 months ago


atp2 3 months ago

He a hater fr fr lame asf bruh

korbyn 4 months ago

When you look for answers, you will surely find them.

sunnyvoodooo 4 months ago

Wow ????

theduck1893 4 months ago

Trust no one

possumsweatyshirt 4 months ago

This nigga a lame

blakmf 4 months ago

Cant trust people for shit!

rlfaulkner88 4 months ago


money123 4 months ago

Not a real friend lol

bootlegyourmom 4 months ago


dey 4 months ago