Police Got His Leg Blown Away By Huge Explosion Report

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912 Videos . Published on Sep 04, 2019
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Police Activity

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War explosion

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espezy 17 days ago

Nigga just wanted to kick it.

fuxwitit247 17 days ago

Well now his foots hanging out...

tjbaybeee 17 days ago

Broke his foot off in they ass....literally

fuxwitit247 17 days ago


domeasolid 17 days ago

Damn!!! My guy, really just kicked his foot off....????????

fuxwitit247 17 days ago

Damn, with 3 days left until retirement...

meekmillfan 17 days ago

can yall most meek mill music videos?
I like the stuff yall upload but it would be a nice gesture too

fuxwitit247 17 days ago

I wish I could hit you...

sirsmokealot 17 days ago

Fuck meek

meekmillfan 17 days ago

if you wanna hit, listen to meek's music he's got a bunch

meekmillfan 17 days ago

bro, you should be ashamed thats wrong to say