Trump Suggests Going Back To Work During A Pandemic Is Really No Big Deal Because Lots Of People Die From The Flu And Car Accidents Report

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5664 Videos . Published on Mar 24, 2020

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thatboidunk 9 days ago

YES thousands a year but we lost thousands in less then A MONTH to covid-19 you moron..

frandos 9 days ago


1972n4thstreet 9 days ago

He's saying go back to work because they don't want to cut that check to every american

countryboi 8 days ago

Stupid ass fool, aint no body going back to work trying to catch that shit, so go back to the Oval Office and play with your Hot Wheel race cars and eat your DING DONGS and let the real professionals handle this, does that sound like a good idea Mr POTUS???

jigga007 8 days ago