Damn: Woman Got Her Face Busted For Holding Up The Elevator Report

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702 Videos . Published on Aug 02, 2019

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neicy 10 months ago

lmfao omfg really doe really smfh when that lady got the shit knocked out of her she got up quick as shit lmfao she know she was being extra and all that yelling for nothing

suckyducky 10 months ago

Damn she bruise easily

shoc2006 10 months ago

won't let others pass? got your ticket punched early.

white-mans-catnip 10 months ago

Squirting like ketchup packet

superiorbeing 10 months ago

I bet this was the last day shell EVER yell in a Black womans face?? ???????? Well deserved; great job lady!

hydratedh2o 10 months ago

hahahaha a stuck pig for real! damn, bitches talking reckless again, those dyke bitches were out of pocket for trying to rush the lady trying to tend to some downed elderly, but all that righteous shit goes right out the window when you start screaming in people ear, the bitch was begging to get her meaty ass head popped.