Texas Man Reportedly Shot Barber Over Son's Haircut


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Info : Published on Dec 24, 2019

Police have launched a manhunt for a suspect who allegedly shot an employee of a Texas barbershop over his 13-year-old son’s haircut before fleeing the scene, officials said.

The shooting happened following an altercation inside the barbershop, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, which tweeted on Saturday: “Deputies are at a barber shop … where a male employee appears to have been shot by a customer, who then fled.”

A detective later told local news outlet KPRC that the barber had fixed the 13-year-old’s haircut for free after he returned to the shop with his father.

“He went home, came back. They fixed the haircut for free and then that’s when the altercation occurred”, Wallace Wyatt, a detective in Harris County, told the news outlet.

He described the shooting as “one of the worst ones I’ve heard” and suggested the child was inside the shop when the man began shooting at the barber.

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normalthom 11 months ago

In the guys defense, it was a REALLY bad haircut.