Man Crushed To Death in NYC Elevator Accident Report

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4557 Videos . Published on Aug 23, 2019
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New York

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Manhattan NY

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elevator Crush

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normalthom 3 months ago

Wow, that is fucking sick!!

bootdascarab 3 months ago

Elevator Wins, FATALITY!!!!!

fuxwitit247 3 months ago

Life has its ups and downs....this I'd definitely a down...but when I go I hope it's from a Cocaine induced heart attack in the middle of an albino orgy

sys 3 months ago

They might as well hand his family that 22 story apartment building; somebody about to get paid!

chris9731 3 months ago

hell of a way too get [paid though

hydratedh2o 3 months ago

fuckin elevators bro! I don't like them shits at all. but I didn't think them shits would eat a man like that, I thought our bodies would at least be strong enough to jam it. that shit when through him like fuckin cream cheese. If it aint elevators its fuckin airplanes, maybe we should stay the fuck on the ground for now.

lusty-phool 3 months ago


I think about this shit every time I walk in and out of an elevator. I tend to walk in and out very fast, but I'm pretty sure once it starts to move, I'd be fucked.

Also, I read an article about it and it appears there were some people still in the elevator with him, I can only imagine what they had to go through.

luckyking16 3 months ago

Rip he died doing what he loved

fuxwitit247 3 months ago