Smmfh: Super Trooper Rips Out A Man's Window For Knowing His Rights Report

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7522 Videos . Published on Aug 11, 2019

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fuckoutmyface 8 months ago

Fire his bitchass.

fuxwitit247 8 months ago

When 2 assholes collide...sometimes shit happens

suckyducky 8 months ago

Mostly only black and brown ppl deal with this type of mess

cari 8 months ago

Lol...your rights only work if your white

bigdawg 8 months ago

Actually dude was in the wrong. If a cop orders you to step out of a vehicle after a traffic stop, you HAVE to do it. Now he's got a fucked up car and a record. Learn the law properly before you go spouting off at the mouth, especially being black. You know a lot of them are just looking for any excuse to start some shit.

sirsmokesalot 8 months ago

No need to escalate a bad situation.

sirsmokesalot 8 months ago

Step out and avoid the BS. If something happens, there are a TON of lawyers who love to take on dirty cops. This is how people get unnecessarily killed.