First Texas Sheriff’s Deputy To Wear Sikh Turban On Duty Killed At Traffic Stop Report

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1159 Videos . Published on Sep 28, 2019

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bamct915 15 days ago

What an asshole!

lilgeorge 15 days ago

All bad

sunnyvoodooo 14 days ago


money123 14 days ago

o wow

viimarie 14 days ago

Sad, but it's Texas... Surprised much??

bigavelle 15 days ago

Shit fkn sad.
Sleep easy G.

brodriguez 15 days ago

Mess up.

hydratedh2o 14 days ago

I mean its fuckin texas, the moment he put that shit on he should have expected to die. its odd that you don't see many indian or asian cops.

maddworld1 15 days ago

Texas man

nomamesway 12 days ago

This happened right down the road from me crazy

realhated 15 days ago


manmadddd 15 days ago


fuxwitit247 14 days ago

Dude was just frustrated he didnt get to be in the new Alladin movie and wanted to take it out on a representative...

manmadddd 15 days ago

Only cowards do this. I'd catch him and send his ass to a prison in Brazil. Dem neggas dont play