Man Blows His Brains Out With Shotgun In A Parking Lot After Shooting His Wife Report

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5664 Videos . Published on Mar 25, 2020

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bblashes 8 days ago

Never understood fatal attraction. How you gonna kill the person you love than yourself when you could’ve just killed yourself?

scyfi 8 days ago


Rog 8 days ago

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theduck1893 8 days ago

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fuxwitit247 8 days ago

$20 on Memphis

laquan32 8 days ago

Damn look at that red mist cloud must of been a pump

fatboi 7 days ago

Bye bye cracker

micon68th 3 days ago

We need more like him

tfrizzle03 4 days ago

Well....I only need to watch that one Time