Woman Flips Out On Protesters At BLM Juneteenth Rally Report

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4966 Videos . Published on Jun 19, 2020

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loveyoubaby 16 days ago

I love this woman. Those white sissy snowflakes are lost wayward perverts. Pee Wee Herman ain't got nothing on them. Always crying in their safe space and what are they even protesting? They are upset they cannot buy anymore hostess cakes because they got their food stamps taken away? Basement dwellers who won't get a job they play fortnite because they can't get a girlfriend. They wear jeans so tight their balls have permanent ascension. They identify as non binary so they won't hurt anybody's feelings. They didn't stop breast feeding until they were 10. They wet the bed until they were 14. They grew up getting participation trophies just for attending school but now as adults they can't find validation they search out causes to distract them from their own fuckked up lives.

diva 16 days ago

🗣🗣🗣BlackLiveMatter ✊🏿Happy Juneteenth ❤️

factfinder 15 days ago

No such thing as Juneteenth.