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SEABROOK — Two police officers have been put on paid administrative leave after a video showing an officer slamming a suspect against the wall at the police station in 2009 was posted on YouTube.

The man that’s being roughed up in the video states: “I was taken out and brought in the booking room to call for a ride. After calling a ride I was told I could take my phone that I called from and my wallet. As soon as I grabbed my wallet from the table the officer with the glasses came at me saying he never told me I could take my stuff and choked me against the wall then tried to grab the wallet from my pocket. Once he got the wallet and my phone this is what happened.”

According to the description of the video, the footage was in the hands of an attorney who disappeared for two years “until I was able to track him down,” wrote the person who posted the video. The person who posted the video also hinted in the description that he may file a lawsuit. “I think its to late to do anything with it even though I have a permanent lump on the back of my head, chipped teeth and brain injuries but talking to a lawyer soon.”


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