Dude With Shitty Draws Walking Around Walmart With Girlfriend Report

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311 Videos . Published on Aug 01, 2020

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laquan32 8 days ago

Smh they be sum real shitty Azz N****s out here

ch3y09 7 days ago


eligable4u 8 days ago


sporto007 6 days ago

No is not... No one will do that on purpose

greenrod 8 days ago

Seems like the camera guy and Sh*t in the pants guy are friends. When the camera guy was laughing so was the Sh*t in the pants guy too. Fake and just drying for attention. Welcome to the new dummy generation

shanster 7 days ago


rickyicky29 7 days ago

i would lick his asshole clean. i love a thug that advertises his bussy

dwyn 7 days ago

Fake or not this can't be good now he's gonna be known as dookie booty πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

hambone212 7 days ago

That's cause his girl is really a trans with a 10 inch Dxck that be F**king his booty loose cause niqqers is Gay

monkeyhunter 8 days ago

Jesus Christ black people are disgusting, broke and filthy.