Lame: Now Why She Gone Embarrass This Lady Like That Report

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4735 Videos . Published on Mar 20, 2020

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ophelia61 2 months ago

Unnecessary. I hate when people try to embarrass others especially considering she wasnt all that herself.

bigjay 2 months ago

She looked like an annoying bird with her gray weave. Her stupid fucking condescending ass. I hope she gets slapped by the next one.

tori123 2 months ago


1972n4thstreet 2 months ago

Oh that was ur ass in the yella jacket!

tori123 2 months ago

how you knew? smh hater

buddymgirt 2 months ago

next video she posts, will show her dumb ass stretched out ....Everything ain't funny to Everybody

2woeyes2020 2 months ago

Yellow r as in coat in the summer time with s vaseline bang on her forehead.

1972n4thstreet 2 months ago

She can't match for shit, but I bet she got more ass than her hating azz!

shutdavuckup 2 months ago

She has a lot of nerves....She, her own face looking like a fukkin mule with those fukk up 3 foot long lashes.

cream1306 2 months ago

Bitch you trying to expose somebody and you funny looking as hell with those stupid ass eyelashes with that dumb looking ass wig

livid 2 months ago

Her cousin need to get popped ???????? aw this is so fucked up ????

sexycece 22 days ago

Why not help her or give her some Advice about doing her hair. Don't knock somebody if u not going to help get bk up!!

justinb 2 months ago

she was cute..