Man Logs Off Zoom Meeting For Some “Alone Time” But Accidentally Left Camera On


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Info : Published on Jun 10, 2020

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greenrod 5 months ago

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 This is what roscoe35 and rdavis67 get upto when they read are comments on here

greenrod 5 months ago

Psycho sissy white boy roscoe35

roscoe35 5 months ago

Thank you for exposing more N*****s for my dinner. BLAM BLAM BLAM. THREE DOWN. Time to disinfect and gut and put on a spit fire for my dogs dinner. MMMMmmmm

greenrod 5 months ago

roscoe35 So your a Transwoman lol.

rdavis67 5 months ago

Greenrod I’m in your mind you owe me rent. Don’t you have a probation officer to ck in with?

roscoe35 5 months ago

This would be a lot more fun if you were a B***h and not a Gay fag.

ericgilbert21 5 months ago

Now that was funny

roscoe35 5 months ago

Eric still Mclovin it. Hahaha and Greenrod too! Hahahahahaha

cwash 4 months ago

Dis be di breed of wite mans dat da call a JERK OFF ARTIST. Yep dat what he is. She how professionally he do it. Damn di white peoples got lots of problims. Dat is why so many of dim git fat and becum lesbeums and di utter just run after di oversexed non family minded brothers. WHIT FOLKS!! fLUSH yo own commode for you try to sniff our buts!!

cari 4 months ago

It's a skit.

tol3rd 5 months ago

ooooh Daniel

topflight813 5 months ago

LMAO x2 😂😂😂😂 Damn wasn't it that serious he had to get one off during zoom time lol