Black Guy Confronted White Guy For Allegedly Calling Him The N-Word But He Got Nailed To The Ground Real Quick


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By: theduck1893   Channel : Fights  

Tags : fight, n-word, racist,

Info : Published on Feb 21, 2020

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fuxwitit247 8 months ago

As a single representative of the black community, I accept this "L". But also want to say we did not pick this nigga, this N***a picked himself.

kive 8 months ago

Lol that cracker was just lucky that day

legacy 8 months ago


legacy 8 months ago

Damn dude lost every kudo points in the book.

fuxwitit247 8 months ago


cisco 8 months ago

I'm gonna keep it 100! This is comin' from someone battle tested! In the streets ANYBODY can get it, it doesn't matter what color you are. Should've known by his stance that wasn't gonna be easy.

kingshawn 8 months ago

Got what he deserved

ericgilbert21 2 months ago

Did him in

eazyyymr 8 months ago

Damn brugh you make us look bad N***a gain some hands you gotta redeem yaself don't go to the blocc no mo you not welcomed after that Azz whooping ???????????????????

iketernr 8 months ago

YT proud of winning over this lil niglet?! Really? LOL REAL HARD!

iketernr 8 months ago

This Comment Has Been Deleted

snappy77 8 months ago

wow lol