Guy Knocks His Own Top Off On Live Report

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8590 Videos . Published on Oct 19, 2019
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Rip.. Russia


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zodd 8 months ago

I like it when white men kill themselves. It makes me feel good. IT is also the best way for white people to take away their pain. Like NIke, just do it.

bigjay 8 months ago

and they say blacks can't possibly be racist.

zodd 7 months ago

bigjay racism was invented by whites.... for whites. Me hating my enemy is not racism, blacks don't treat whites badly.. or ever did or want to. Blacks are not like that by nature. But I know whom my enemy is, and I do not love my enemy.

zodd 7 months ago

Yes, I hate my oppressor and my enemy. Black people in general did nothing to white people. No other race of man did anything to white people. But white people did evil things to every other race. In the white mans 6000 year history, he was not able to live in peace and equality with any other race, where ever he went. Fact. Thats is why i realize the white man is the devil.

zodd 7 months ago

Please research what oppression is and systemic racism..I know how you hate reading.

bigjay 7 months ago

no, you hate white people end of story. Yo fuck your racist ass.

jonbanks 8 months ago

We cant be

bigjay 7 months ago

I stopped reading after you hate your oppressor . you ain't oppressed! Your mind is oppressed .

dontgoder 5 months ago

zodd, you just a dumb pussy man. you should go look up the vid where the 3 al-qaeda members shoot up them nigerians. get a little of that black on black in your system.

xinfektidx 5 months ago

stop your lies..

mindbodysoul 8 months ago

Now thats some crazy shit right there! Selfish mf ruined that perfectly ugly loveseat

sweetptreatme 7 months ago

Bwahahahahaha....that loveseat is ugly

fuxwitit247 8 months ago

Saw this on crazyshit....that's a helluva mess for his mom to clean up.

manmadddd 8 months ago

Fucking sicko..but I laughed bwahaha

normalthom 8 months ago

Wow, that was REALLY gross.

billbushey 7 months ago

No gore? Dude, his brain just camped out on his shoulder. lol

bentoebocks 7 months ago

In terms of gore, theres nothing ...

manowar 8 months ago

Need waaay more whites doing this.

slapyomomma3x 8 months ago

He just opened up the sunroof

Pinchy123 7 months ago

Yeah the wrong mf sunroof too.

lusty-phool 8 months ago

can you pay ppl to kill themselves??

Pinchy123 7 months ago

I was thinking that.the way this dude was cheering this sht on before killing himself

bigjay 8 months ago

what a fucking pussy

Pinchy123 7 months ago

This Comment Has Been Deleted

danilo557 8 months ago

Did you see how his body deflates tho??check it

meekmillfan 8 months ago

this how i felt when i accidentally broke my meek mill deluxe album set

ar1601 3 months ago

Soooooo, I guess an open coffin funeral is out of the question. Cremation is cheaper anyway.

blackboidoe 7 months ago


shutdavuckup 8 months ago


lilgeorge 8 months ago


fromhell 7 months ago

he's okey

ouidapat 5 months ago


billbushey 7 months ago