Drunk Man In Tow Truck Destroys Everything & Gets Beat Up Report

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5122 Videos . Published on Jun 09, 2020
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This happened in the city of El Monte, Ca between Valley Ave. and Baldwin Ave. The guy almost went inside a laundry mat. This guy is crazy, if you notice he also hit cars out in the street before getting into that shopping center. Next to the wall where he stopped is a house full of kids. Good thing people didn't let him go any further. He would've definitely crashed into it. 06/07/2020


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Drunk Destroy

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blackscorpio1967 2 months ago

fuckin' roscoe35.. got into the ol' moonshine again.. and went out.. stole a tow truck.. and tried to kill some N*****s and MEXICANS! Racist little B*tch!

cwash 2 months ago

This is pure vigilantie justice. It is a shame when anyone takes the law into their own hands. Let the trained killers do it. The git paid fur it and really enjoy their work.