Man With His 5 Wives Get Roasted On Live "They Look Bored As Sh*t"


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Info : Published on May 13, 2020

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cisco 5 months ago

That's the fake guru 'the nature boy' closeted DL herpes havin' desperate granola THOT collector

greater20 5 months ago

Typical black men always putting down each other. Figuratively and literally

roscoe35 5 months ago

Jealous N*****s always do that.

nice 5 months ago

Damn he clowned that nigga.

fuxwitit247 5 months ago

Cam'ron from the darkest depth of the jungle lookin ass...Plies with diabetes lookin five B*****s and all them say you got a little Dxck lookin ass.

bucnasty99 5 months ago

This dude is emotional. He probably was raised by his mother. He worried about another man's wives and business. Sad

whiteymctrash 5 months ago

Nigglett on N****r crimes. TRUMP 2020!!!

flyman 5 months ago

Oh u looking at my nose lol