Son Of Murdered Woman Attempts To Attack The Suspect In Court Report

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501 Videos . Published on Jun 06, 2019
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Muskegon, MI

Vashon Flowers, 46, is charged with shooting and killing his wife, Jamie Thomas-Flowers, at their Muskegon Heights home in May.

Police say he shot her 4 times, and one of the four shots was at close-range.

Flowers faces a charge of open murder, including first-degree and second-degree murder, as well as manslaughter.

While Flowers was seated waiting for the preliminary examination to begin, a man identified by family members as the son of Jamie Thomas-Flowers darted from his seat and attempted to reach Flowers.

Flowers is charged as a four-time habitual offender due to previous felony convictions for assault with a dangerous weapon, aggravated domestic violence, and malicious destruction of a building.


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