Young Congolese Boy Hides In The Turbojet Engine In The Hope Of Going To Europe


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By: Rog   Channel : Crazy BUT Real  

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Info : Published on Jul 04, 2020

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hambone212 5 months ago

He wanted to go to Europe cause he hates black people

zodd 5 months ago

No because Europeans like King Leopold destroyed his country to make their pockets and country better.

hambone212 5 months ago

So it had nothing to do with muslims making bantu people in zanzibar back in the 9th century and forcing them to be slaves in the Congo. But that cant be true because theres no way there were black slaves back between the years 800 and 900 because slavery was started by white right. MuH OpReSsIOn!

eligable4u 5 months ago

He was gonna be all over the tarmac had they not found him