Kids Selling Lemonade Robbed At Gunpoint


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Info : Published on Aug 14, 2020

EORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Officials from the Peoria Police Department said two kids selling lemonade were robbed at gunpoint Friday evening.

Officials said around 4:52 p.m., two males approached the boys who were selling refreshments at their lemonade stand at W. Forest Hill Ave. and N. California Ave.

Officials said one of the men was armed with a gun. They said the men robbed the boys of their money and ran away. Officials did not confirm how much money was stolen from the boys.

Peoria police are investigating the incident.

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rdavis67 3 months ago

SMDH grown Azz black men robbing little boys lemonade stand. i guess this is reparations as well just like that BLM leader said. Shameful 🥟🥟

kushkandy 3 months ago

Bruh committing a crime and BLM is 2 different things , When a black man commits a crime they go to jail and get there charges for it . When ppl fight for BLM its to fight for equality and to stop white racists ppl from treating us less than, when those white ppl kills US black ppl they dont get caught or charged dumbazz thats wtf we are fighting for and BLM is to fight for those innocent black ppl that was wrongfully killed in the hands of racists police officers ! Stop trying to compare Black crime and BLM cause its not the same . When you see white on white crime you dont see people saying " White lives must not matter because of white on white crime " bruh stfu

ericgilbert21 3 months ago

Hope those dudes get robbed and rapped

realhated 3 months ago


factfinder 3 months ago

It's called taxes. When you get employed, it happens anyways.