Smh: White Woman Takes Her Van And Tries To Run Over Some Black People Report

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992 Videos . Published on Jul 13, 2020

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greater20 23 days ago

The monkey recording should go and confront the Arian sister. The blackie is on her porch making monkey noises

onelove1333 23 days ago

All big talk on a website plz act this same way amongst the black community the next chance you get!

greater20 23 days ago

I have a banana for you too. Don't ever forget who's feeding you.

roscoe35 23 days ago

Good job!

jorgeandbb1 23 days ago

They say defund the police, but she is recording saying I got that license plate. LOL

greater20 23 days ago

Her actions are justified.

meekmillfan 23 days ago