South Carolina Man Talks About Shooting His Baby Mama In Video Posted On Facebook Report

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5664 Videos . Published on Mar 21, 2020
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33-year-old Johnathan Ahren Emilien was wanted by police for arson and attempted murder, but has since been arrested.

Fountain Inn Police Chief Michael Hamilton said they responded to a call from the area Tuesday (Mar. 17) around 9:30pm in regards to a victim suffering from a gunshot wound and a home that was on fire.

The condition of the victim hasn’t been revealed by officials, but Chief Hamilton says she was being treated at Greenville Memorial Hospital.

Emilien was on the run as of Wednesday, but Fountain Inn Police confirmed early Thursday morning


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mrky859 12 days ago

He dumb af .. Now he definitely aint going to see his kids

xxplayboiiant 1 day ago

He already going to jail for something he didn’t do and his baby mama went to court and won custody for his child and won’t allow him to see the baby because they relationship ended

ch3y09 11 days ago

Yall who think him shooting her is Ohk are retarded and deserve so kids. Yall are women abusers and deserve each other in JAIL YOU BUNCH OF ASS FUCKIN JAILBIRD FAGGOTS.

xxplayboiiant 1 day ago

SHUTCHO yo bitch ass up don’t do no slimey ass shii like taking a child away from his/her father jus because y’all have problems the man obviously love his kid the mom is the fucking devil for doing that shii u fucking retarded bitch

rdavis67 10 days ago


blackmgtow 12 days ago

I feel this Brother

jjones1121 11 days ago

Im soo happy my son's mother wasn't dumb enough to try and take my son away from me. I feel zero sympathy for a bitch who tries and take a ch8ld from their fathers. Thank god my sons mother is just a stupid whore and not completely retarded.

rdavis67 10 days ago


colombiancoke 12 days ago

All that talkin n still went to jail lmao

ecfromdc 12 days ago

A whole clown. Now he's going to go under the jail for being violent trash. Yeah he really showed her. Coward.

tootboots 12 days ago

What a simp ???????????.... Now your daughter will
not only resent you, she'll have no interest in "knowing" you! Fucking idiot. Just another man-child blaming his shortcomings on everyone else.

nice 12 days ago

This nigga does this so he can go to prison like most niggas daddies do. So he can not support or be there for his nigglets. His nigglets gonna grow up like him fatherless and in prison. The nigga cycle will never stop. BLACK LIVE MATTERS

nice 12 days ago

Sorry you piece of shit but I am not a nigga. Your daddy left you. In fact you monkey don’t know who your daddy is.

zodd 12 days ago

sounds like your nigga daddy abandoned you :(

rdavis67 11 days ago

You can’t fix stupid

floormat 7 days ago

He giving up.. Smh