Inglewood, California Bloods Jump A Man & Stole His Backpack All Because He Didn't Buy Their Weed!


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By: dance-with-the-devil   Channel : Fights  

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Info : Published on Aug 09, 2020

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kxngtut757 4 months ago

Ain't that Cali why he want to buy weed off the street when he can get it from a dispensary. Weak Azz gang Sh*t

sporto007 4 months ago

Now this is reason why N****s get shot

greenrod 4 months ago

3 bunch of dumb foolish weak clown puzzies

legacy 4 months ago

Straight up pussies.. If You can't throw down one on one then you're straight up garbage. That shows how weak and immature you are.

hambone212 4 months ago

Keeping the oppressed more oppressed I F**king love it

marlan 4 months ago

This weak as hell but y’all screaming black lives matter

alwayzjames 4 months ago

That’s frostydasnowmann da rapper N***a

ericgilbert21 4 months ago

Those stances tho

blessedupjitt 3 months ago

Held his own and didn't run🤞🏾

sgtwilliedsnutts69 3 months ago

Now if he would shot one of them down south it's called standing your ground