Its About To Go Down: Man Catches Wife In Bed With Another Guy


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By: Rog   Channel : Cheaters  

Tags : SMH,

Info : Published on Jun 03, 2020

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blazedupguy 5 months ago

This is why you carry a gun when F**king another man's woman or don't do the Sh*t

thowedboi01 3 months ago

You should not be F**king another man's woman. Especially not in their home.

jaycee78 5 months ago

The African version of the show Cheaters

ronier 7 days ago

Wassa sa nimimbay. banimboo

meekmillfan 5 months ago

he aint really mad at him all i see is a bunch of grabbing

thehazeofourlives 5 months ago

WTF is this 🤡🍰🐂💩???