Biker Doing Wheelies On The Highway Gets Into A Horrific Accident Report

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1057 Videos . Published on Aug 01, 2019

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trsefx 10 months ago

At first I was like..what a dumbass! But after seeing the whole clip, that car straight up intentionally murdered that dude!

normalthom 9 months ago

Yeah, it looked like he didn't even stop afterward.

d5291586 6 months ago

Because brake lights and the screeching of tires when the brakes are locked up = getaway.

k00la1dz 1 day ago

I was wondering how that happened too without intent but the I realize the bikers rear lights weren't visable cu of the wheelie.

sirsmokesalot 10 months ago

He's doing a wheelie so his brake light is facing the ground and at the rate of speed the car was going it was an accident waiting to happen. And sure enough...

nice 10 months ago

Damn you think he died?

realhated 10 months ago

can't stand bikers anyways

brodriguez 10 months ago

It did look intentional, but like one person said, the brake light was so low to the ground I wonder if the car even seen it.

normalthom 10 months ago

That didn't look like an accident.

sys 10 months ago

That's exactly what i was thinking. Looks like this was done on purpose!

kingsmashnpassher 10 months ago

Say hasta luego

mrtea 10 months ago

That motherfucker must really hate when people do wheelies...