Couple Bait Thieves With A Bike And Then Beat Them With Baseball Bats Report

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3901 Videos . Published on Jan 14, 2020

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kingshawn 3 months ago

I guess women wearing short skirts is also "luring" rapists!

bigdawg 3 months ago

Like you give a fuck when you out raping

kingshawn 3 months ago

How funny, someone who can't speak English properly is calling an American a rapist. Fuck you son!

kingshawn 3 months ago

The only crime here is the thieves trying to steal the damn bike. How on Earth is it illegal to stop thieves from stealing your property?

kingshawn 3 months ago

Lured? Leaving your property on your property is luring a fucking thief?

money123 3 months ago

It just got real super fast