Couple Bait Thieves With A Bike And Then Beat Them With Baseball Bats Report

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3081 Videos . Published on Jan 14, 2020

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kingshawn 11 days ago

I guess women wearing short skirts is also "luring" rapists!

bigdawg 10 days ago

Like you give a fuck when you out raping

kingshawn 10 days ago

How funny, someone who can't speak English properly is calling an American a rapist. Fuck you son!

kingshawn 11 days ago

The only crime here is the thieves trying to steal the damn bike. How on Earth is it illegal to stop thieves from stealing your property?

kingshawn 11 days ago

Lured? Leaving your property on your property is luring a fucking thief?

money123 11 days ago

It just got real super fast