Pomeranian Mauled To Death By Pit Bull Outside Elevator


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Info : Published on Feb 25, 2020

"In Odessa on February 22, a terrible incident occurred. A dog of a fighting breed, leaving the elevator with its mistress, attacked a small dog (most likely a Spitz), who was waiting for the elevator on the ground floor with the girl. This became known from the video from surveillance cameras in the public "Operational" on Facebook.

“A good example of why dogs should be muzzled when they go for a walk,” the public administration writes.

The video lasts only a minute, but during this time the dog of the fighting breed managed to bite the baby. The actions end on the fact that the mistress manages to break open the teeth of the attacker, and the second girl, the mistress of the victim, pulls her pet aside, apparently still not realizing that the Spitz has already died."

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