Gym Coach Knocks Out Teacher In Schoolyard Report

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4719 Videos . Published on Nov 08, 2019
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The victim, Anton, working as a deputy director in the class of creativity, was walking with another teacher to the school after coming back from the holiday. Suddenly, at the school parking lot, they were stopped by the attacker who is an athlete working as a school physical education teacher and karate coach. He leads the karate section at schools #76 and #99.

He claimed that they had damaged his car. Anton replied that he had made a mistake and that they were walking from a completely different direction. However, the man was not satisfied with this response, and he suddenly struck Anton in the face, from whom the victim fell and fainted for some time.

Later, doctors diagnosed the victim's had a jaw fracture, concussion and other injuries.
Despite the fact that the statement to the police has already been written, the injured party fears that the case is simply overlooked, as the aggressor turned out to be a respected person and he has certain connections in these circles.

Happened in Russia


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Coach bout that life

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Whip ass when necessary