Indian Man Gets Electrocuted At His Shop


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By: lilgeorge

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Info : Published on Oct 28, 2019

Two people received an electric shock while moving furniture at a shop. While the shopkeeper was unable to move, a bystander grabbed a plank of wood to remove the man from the source of electricity.

According to the source, the shopkeeper died

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fuxwitit247 11 months ago

Looks like some space just opened up at the local flea market....

blacksfarsuperior 11 months ago

Quick break his arms????

lusty-phool 11 months ago

LOL he's trying to make dude let go of whatever is shockin him

gimmieasmallslice 11 months ago

Damn, that's sad. Why was he moving the equipment while it was plugged up?

rustyben911 11 months ago

he suppost to take in currency not live currant

money123 11 months ago

High school football coach tom brady

shoc2006 11 months ago

got deep fried, arms broken AND his shop destroyed. he must have survived final destination part 1 through 5.

lilgeorge 11 months ago